The middle school years, Grades 4 to 8, provide students with an exciting transition from elementary school. In middle school, students enjoy a warm, welcoming and supportive atmosphere where they are encouraged to take increased and guided responsibility for their learning, and embark on a new voyage of self-exploration. In middle school, students are expected to make a positive contribution to the community they are part of. 

Inquiry is still the cornerstone of learning in middle school and students continue to investigate and learn about their world, but at a more complex level. Through Primary Years Programme (PYP) Units of Inquiry (UOI) or Middle Years Programme (MYP) Areas of Interaction (AOI), students delve into exciting and memorable explorations

Key learning areas

Develop independent, creative
and critical thinkers


Our Middle school students spend one- on- one time reading every day with our reading instructor


Children’s math experiences expand as they count higher, compare more, make graphs, expand patterning skills

Circle Time

This helps children learn how to function in a group setting ~ that there is a time to talk and a time to listen


Students are involved in many fun art projects consisting of different mediums such as painting, play dough, cutting...

Physical Education

The main goal for our middle school classes is to focus on their basic locomotive skills

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