Integrated curriculum

Our fully integrated curriculum helps students to become global citizens. Gemford is the only school in the district to offer a British Curriculum (University of Cambridge) integrated with CBSE, provides the students the choice of CBSE or IGCSE for the secondary certificate. We ensure the quality delivery of the curriculum by providing continuous training to our teachers by well-experienced curriculum delivery experts. A panel of experienced ‘Academic Council’ – the highest authority of academics and education policy think tank in Gemford, advises and evaluates the performance of our teachers for continuous improvement.


Cambridge Primary Program

We are in the process of getting affiliated with the University of Cambridge, the world’s premier education institution and offering Cambridge Primary Program for learners aged between 5 to 11 years. The Cambridge Primary Program is a world-class curriculum to develop learner skills and understanding in English, mathematics and science. It enables teachers to assess children’s learning as they progress with two optional assessments: Cambridge Primary Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.


Pearson mypedia

Today’s learners are growing up in a world which is increasingly becoming complex. Developing higher order cognitive skills that will enable them to deal with these challenges will be most critical. Given this context, we firmly believe that the Pearson MyPedia programme is the need of the hour for any classroom.

Every child learns differently and every teacher teaches differently. However, learning outcomes in a class cannot be left to change. Accordingly, Gemford follows fully integrated Pearson MyPedia program that brings to every classroom a process of teaching that encapsulates the good teaching practices of good teachers to facilitate effective and measurable learning. It ensures measurable improvement in cognitive skills of the learner and enables students to develop a meaningful understanding of complex associations and influences within a topic.

MyPedia’s specially crafted course books uses an interdisciplinary learning approach and a robust pedagogy designed to build life-long skills. The worksheets are designed for multiple difficulty levels to nurture critical and creative thinking skills of the learner. Each of these workbooks comes with a rating scale that helps to record overall performance of the learner.


We provide the HomeApp that helps extend learning beyond classrooms and involves parents in the learning process. HomeApp helps learners access in-class videos at home, and practice assessments assigned by the teacher based on concepts taught in class, thereby receiving immediate feedback on it.

In-Class Video

The video resources in MyPedia are mapped completely to the topics and sub-topics so that the teachers can access them with ease.

Student Report

Pearson Assessment System provide detailed reports on class performance on multiple dimensions for teachers to be able to pinpoint areas of improvement at a topic level. Assessments provide a detailed analysis of each chapter based on difficulty and cognitive levels and the specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted. In addition, a detailed analysis of relative performance through comparison with class average results and provides to track the total student improvement program.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development Program is an enabler of the learning ecosystem. It creates a platform for continuous improvement and provides support to key stakeholders in achieving core academic goals. Regular workshops, classroom training and on-job training for teacher and support visits by professional development partners enriches the academic excellence and sustains the quality professional practices of our school.

Pearson DIGI Class

In partnering with Pearson, the world’s largest education company, we empower our Smart Classrooms by integrating with Pearson DigiClass – an ICT-based solution that combines state-of-the-art smart classroom with syllabus-compliant, multimedia-based interactive content. DigiClass solution empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard-and-chalk classrooms into interactive smart classroom sessions. The multimedia content enables teachers to better explain complex concepts, due to which students can retain information for a longer period of time.


2-5 Years


By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment
11-13 Years

Middle School

This program is available for all children enrolled in elementary
5-10 Years

Elementary School

Our school follows the guidelines of the local school district
14-18 Years

High School

Focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to prepare students for the future.

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