Dear Parents,

Gemford World School is an inclusive learning community where learning is celebrated. We firmly believe that every child is a unique and most precious “gem” with great potential and inherent talents. Gemford has always strived to uphold the latent talents of our gems and always made them feel exceptional. . Accordingly, given the right stimulus in a supportive and inspiring environment, they will excel in the area that they love to materialize their passion.

The cheerful learning environment at Gemford sparks energy and the desire to learn to nurture our “Precious GEM”- our children. Students are empowered to build their own resilience and prepared to build their character to contribute positively to the collective wellbeing of an inclusive community. Our innovative pedagogy and fully integrated learning program redefines the way of learning and ensure the measurable improvement in cognitive skills of the students.

At Gemford, students will experience a sense of connection, inclusion, respect for individuality and differences, resilience, empowerment, generosity to contribute to their school and the wider community, and confidence to positively shape their own future.

We encourage competitiveness to discover talents within the child and to understand and deal with failure and success. Physical and mental development a priority but above all making childhood and schooling a happy experience for children.


Faizal Babu

Founder, Gemford World School

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